How to draw Bridal face in mehndi | Dulhan mehndi design | Bridal mehndi design

I’m Neetu today. In this video, I will show how you can make Bridal mehndi and a step-by-step guide on how to draw a bridal face design in mehndi.

  1. First Step create Bridal drawing outline: 
  2. Create the eyes:- Draw eyes in the center of the face. Add details such as thick eyelashes, an eyebrow, and a small dot in the inner corner of each eye.
  3. Draw the nose and lips:- Sketch a small, rounded nose in the center, just below the eyes. And Below the nose, draw a pair of full lips. You can add a few lines to depict the upper and lower lips.
Bridal mrhndi Design
  1. Design the forehead: Create an pattern on the forehead, resembling a tikka or maang tikka (a traditional Indian bridal accessory). This can be a combination of intricate floral and paisley designs.
  2. Complete the neck and shoulders:– Extend the design down from the chin to the neck and shoulders. You can incorporate intricate patterns, swirls, or peacock motifs to add elegance.
  3. Fill in the design:– Once you’re satisfied with the outline, fill in the design using a cone or tube of mehndi paste. Follow the sketch carefully, taking your time to ensure neatness. Leave the mehndi paste on for a few hours to allow it to dry.
  4. Remove the dried mehndi paste: Gently scrape off the dried mehndi paste without using water. You can use the edge of a spoon or a credit card to do this. Avoid using water otherwise mehndi design will be spoiled
  5. Allow the design to darken: To achieve a deep and rich color, avoid exposing the mehndi design to water for at least 12-24 hours after removing the dried paste. The longer you can wait before washing the area, the darker the stain will be.

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